Speick plant

Myth of Speick

Rich in myths and traditional soothing

Speick is not only a botanical rarity and there are numerous myths surrounding the plant.

Speick is harvested during the "30 Days of Women and Herbs", which is the time from Assumption Day on 15th August to The Feast of the Holy Name of Mary on 12th September.

Speick is one of the plants that has been given a special role in the ceremonial driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley in autumn.

In the past, Speick played an important role in the twelve nights between Christmas and the Epiphany and was used as beneficial incense.

It's also interesting to know that in the old days, people practised Speick arrest or Speick sittings. Anyone caught stealing or committing adultery, for example, was locked in a Speick barn, after which they smelled of Speick for weeks.

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