ÖKO-TEST rates Speick Original Liquid Soap as “very good”

ÖKO-TEST rates Speick Original Liquid Soap as “very good”

For its January 2021 edition, the “ÖKO-TEST” consumer magazine looked at 55 liquid soaps from the natural and conventional cosmetics segment. Forty-one conventional products and fourteen certified natural cosmetic products were tested for problematic substances: Do they contain irritating preservatives or allergenic fragrances? Do their foaming properties come from controversial PEG compounds? Or do the products claim to have anti-bacterial effects that cannot be verified?

The expectations of the ÖKO-TEST laboratory on gentle hand-washing are particularly high in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

The magazine makes it clear that people’s skin should not be additionally burdened with problematic substances when washing hands regularly. ÖKO-Test also states that, in every day use, anti-bacterial soaps are generally no more effective against germs than conventional soaps. “The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment likewise supports the view that normal hygiene measures such as regularly washing hands properly with soap provide sufficient protection against smear infection in an everyday setting, including against viruses such as SARS- CoV-2,” the magazine explains further.
In total, 19 out of 55 products were rated as “very good”. The Speick Original Liquid Soap was among those that met all expectations and was awarded the best score.

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