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It all starts with a revolutionary idea

There are some ideas that are still as relevant today as they were when they were thought of 95 years ago. In 1928, Walter Rau, the son of the Stuttgart-based family business Vereinigte Seifenfabriken, was determined to make use of the unique properties of the Speick plant – for a gentle, natural soap for body care. At the time, the salmon-coloured soap with the characteristic scent and active ingredient of the Speick plant was a cosmetic revolution – after all, this was the first soap that promoted gentle, healing body care rather than cleaning alone.

Fascinating properties of the Speick plant

Walter Rau was amazed by the special properties that had already been attributed to the Speick plant in ancient lore. People prized the calming and yet invigorating effect of the Speick plant even in earlier centuries.

Walter Rau wanted to make use of these valuable properties once again, and did so with far-reaching consequences. Over the years, numerous other Speick Naturkosmetik products joined the original, legendary Speick soap, including care series for the face, body, hair and lips. Now this revolutionary idea lives on in every Speick product.

But what our founder in the 1920s could not have predicted: the idea of natural cosmetics is now more relevant than ever – and forms the basis of the unique success story of the Speick Naturkosmetik family business, which is now in its third and fourth generation.

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