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Products that make a difference

With outstanding foresight, our company founder Walter Rau saw as early as 1958 how much people are worried about increasing environmental damage. He recognised:
“Time is increasingly taking its toll on us. Unhealthy, high-stress work practices, polluted water, air contaminated with dust, gases, acids and radioactivity, which may become a key problem in the future, are extremely harmful factors that affect our skin to varying degrees. Our foods are also being contaminated by pesticides, mineral fertilizers, preservatives and other substances.”

Unfortunately, these burdens are all too well known to us today. This is all the more reason to pursue our goal of developing natural cosmetics that nourish and care for the health, vitality and natural beauty of every person – now more than ever. To do so, we work with raw materials from biologically regulated cultivation – whenever these are available in the right quality and quantity.

Our motto “Beauty. A force of nature.” sums up this ambition in a few words.

Natural and diverse

It all started with the legendary Speick soap in 1928 – today, the Speick Naturkosmetik range includes the series Speick Original, Speick Natural Aktiv, Speick Men and Speick Men Active, Speick Thermal Sensitiv, Speick Organic 3.0, Speick Pure and Speick Sun. All products bearing the Speick brand name contain Speick plant extract, making each item unique.

Our Made by Speick selection also offers a wide range of exquisite, special skin care products, with some seasonally featured items. The primary difference of Made by Speick products is that they do not contain any extract from the unique Speick plant. The soap collection alone is testimony to how much we love natural diversity at Speick Naturkosmetik – be it our traditional bars of soap or our new special soaps for hair, face or body.

What all our products have in common is that they are all making a positive difference. On the one hand because they are the result of fair trading practices with sustainable and regional production processes and on the other hand because they give us all a small moment of happiness and relaxation in our stressful, draining everyday lives. A moment in which we can nurture and soothe our skin while at the same time supporting environmentally friendly business practises and the protection of our natural resources.

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