Speick Thermal Sensitiv Micellar Water with moisturising organic aloe vera gel rated “very good” by ÖKO-TEST

Speick Thermal Sensitiv Micellar Water rated “very good” by ÖKO-TEST

For the March 2021 issue of ÖKO-TEST, the German magazine took a closer look at 25 different natural and conventional micellar water products with regard to the surfactants and ingredients used. Nineteen products were rated “very good”. Of these, nine were from the natural cosmetics segment, including the Speick Thermal Sensitiv Micellar Water.

The products were tested for harmful and controversial ingredients

Testers paid special attention to harmful and controversial substances such as organohalogen compounds, formaldehyde/formaldehyde separators and problematic, allergenic fragrances. It was also tested whether the products contained harmful preservatives, PEG/PEG derivatives or synthetic polymers.

The function of micelles and micellar water

Generally speaking, micelle technology is nothing new, explain the test editors: “Micelles are formed from surfactants as soon as they exceed a certain concentration in water. This has always been the case.” What is new, however, is their use as a cosmetic make-up remover without the need to rinse with clear water afterwards. This makes micellar water so popular while travelling. Compared to other face cleansers such as standard cleansing foam, micellar water contains much fewer cleaning agents: “While standard face cleansing foam often comprises ten percent cleaning agents, for instance, micellar water contains only one to two percent,” the test laboratory explains.

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