Speick Sun After Sun Lotion impresses ÖKO-TEST with excellent care performance

Speick Sun After Sun Lotion impresses ÖKO-TEST with excellent care performance

The current edition of the ÖKO-TEST magazine for July 2021 tested 28 lotions, gels and sprays for sun-stressed skin. The After Sun Lotion from Speick Sun was awarded an overall rating of “very good”. Furthermore, it is the only perfume-free product in the area of certified natural cosmetics.

Many people see an after-sun lotion as an essential component of a summer beauty routine. After-sun products cool sun-stressed skin after a day in the sun and supply it with intensive moisture. They are often accompanied by a fragrance imitating the summer and the sea. Some products, however, make use of harmful fragrances, preservatives and emulsifiers. This is not the case for the After Sun Lotion from Speick Sun. This was the only natural cosmetics product in the test that did not contain perfume or harmful ingredients, and it received a rating of “very good” from ÖKO-TEST.

Aloe vera is a key ingredient for after-sun care

After-sun products should be nice and cool, have a moisturising effect and be easy to rub in. As such, the mostly thin formulations are made using aloe vera, which is a real multi-talent in this regard. The Speick Sun After Sun Lotion even contains a particularly large percentage of aloe vera at 80%, which gives it its immediate cooling, soothing and nourishing effect. The cream fluid is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed with no stickiness. An effective active complex from sugar beet extract and plant-based glycerine maintains the skin’s moisture balance while vitamin E and skin-protecting ectoine have a repairing effect. This makes the After Sun Lotion the perfect skin care programme after a long day in the sun.

Light, summery scent without added perfume

The skin can react sensitively to fragrances, particularly after a long day in the sun. Thanks to its perfume-free formula, the After Sun Lotion also nourishes highly sensitive skin types without sacrificing its fresh, summery scent. The composition of natural extracts such as apricot, apple and vanilla gives the After Sun Lotion a pleasantly natural note.

Prevention is always better than cure

Sun protection products such as sun lotion and sunscreen remain the most important ways of protecting the skin against skin damage and sunburn caused by UV rays. An after-sun product may nourish sun-stressed skin, but it cannot repair the skin damage caused by UV rays. The COSMOS ORGANIC-certified After Sun Lotion is the optimal addition to the sun protection products from the Speick Sun range. The range provides perfectly balanced and complementary sun care for the face and body, containing 100% natural mineral ingredients. The sun lotion with LSF 20 and LSF 30 as well as the sunscreen with LSF 30 and LSF 50+ provide reliable, water resistant protection against UVA and UVB rays. The sunscreen filter is based on zinc oxide, or in other words on purely mineral micro pigments that leave a thin layer on the skin when applied and reflect UV rays like a mirror. This is a natural way of ensuring skin is protected from the sun.

Certified natural cosmetics with the unique Speick extract

All products from the Speick Sun range are COSMOS ORGANIC or COSMOS NATURAL certified and do not contain any fragrances or colourings or mineral oils. They are vegan, gluten and lactose free and are dermatologically and allergologically tested. With the high alpine Speick extract from regulated organic wild harvesting.

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