Natural freshness boost from head to toe

Natural freshness boost from head to toe

ÖKO-TEST rates Speick Men Active Shower Gel as “very good”

Shower gels for men should do more than just deliver a gentle clean – they should also have a masculine, distinctive fragrance. Around 90% of all German over the age of 14 use them every day. That means there is one in almost every bathroom cabinet. For its April 2022 edition, ÖKO-TEST consumer magazine tested 44 shower gels from natural and conventional cosmetics for harmful ingredients and other issues. Two thirds of the products tested can be recommended without cause for concern. This includes the Speick Men Active Shower Gel, which received the score “very good”.

The test focussed on problematic preservatives, allergenic fragrances and controversial ingredients such as PEG and PEG derivatives. The latter is used as a cleaning substance or surfactant which gives the product the desired foaming effect, though it is not quite so friendly on the skin. The certified natural cosmetics scored particularly well in this regard. ÖKO-TEST also looked at environmentally relevant factors such as the percentage of recycled material in plastic packaging or packaging made of bioplastic. Seven conventional shower gels contained synthetic polymers that degrade poorly in the environment and have an unnecessary adverse affect on sewage. Recycled bottles or tubes made of a homogeneous bioplastic, which were offered by 44 of the tested providers, are less damaging. Speick Natural Cosmetics was of course one of them.

The Speick Men Active Shower Gel cleans the skin and hair gently and thoroughly thanks to its high-quality combination of plant-based active and moisturising ingredients. Pure essential oils indulge the skin with a citrussy, masculine fragrance which has an activating, refreshing effect. Furthermore, wheat proteins give the hair a supple finish. Speick Men Active Shower Gel is certified by COSMOS Natural, meaning it supports the skin in a natural way. The tube is made of 90% bio-PE, a plastic made from sustainably grown sugar cane – which is a renewable raw material – and is highly recyclable. So you can rest assured that there is nothing in the way of a natural, vitalising start to the day with Speick Men Active Shower Gel.

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