Cosmetics knowledge and inspiration – new look for the Speick blog

Cosmetics knowledge and inspiration – new look for the Speick blog

The Speick Blog was launched by Speick Naturkosmetik back in 2016 and has since acquired many enthusiastic readers, who are kept regularly informed about ingredients, modes of action and new products. The popular natural cosmetics blog has just been given a new look and the usual exciting articles now come in a new design with a revised user interface.

New articles appear several times a month on the Speick blog, keeping readers up to date with all kinds of interesting information from the world of natural cosmetics. The extensive content ranges from mineral sun protection to sustainable packaging and insights into the production of the family business. The blog has been given a new look and is now even more appealing and structured for users. Arranging the articles into categories such as cosmetics knowledge, hair care or deodorants allows for targeted searches within the various articles. The new imagery and integration of social media posts serve to inspire and also make browsing the Speick blog a visual experience.

In terms of content, the Speick blog will remain true to its tried-and-tested concept. Speick fans can look forward to a diverse mix of information and entertainment in the future. In addition to interesting information about ingredients, the blog will also include inspiration for using popular Speick products. Anyone who would like to receive information about new products and trends, and occasionally take a look behind the scenes of the natural cosmetics manufacturer, will find what they're looking for in the Speick Blog.

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