97% of consumers recommend the After Sun Face Serum by Speick Naturkosmetik

97% Weiterempfehlung für das After Sun Face Serum von Speick Naturkosmetik

In a consumer test conducted in cooperation with the special-interest portal gofeminin.de, the After Sun Face Serum by Speick Naturkosmetik achieved an outstanding result. Over a period of several weeks, 240 independent participants tested the product and then rated their experience. The results speak for themselves: 97% of the test participants said they would recommend the Speick After Sun Face Serum.

The face serum, which was launched in April 2023, complements the already established After Sun Lotion in the Speick Sun range. Both After Sun products are specially designed for the needs of the skin after sunbathing. Alongside a content of 80% organic aloe vera, which has a soothing effect on the skin, the Speick After Sun Face Serum also contains the ingredients ectoine and squalane. The active repair ingredient ectoine protects the skin on the face, neck and décolleté against external environmental influences. Squalane provides the skin with optimal hydration and makes it feel silky and soft.

The 240 test participants were able to experience the effect for themselves. Alongside the question of whether they would recommend the product, which with 97% agreement was reamrkably positive, the participants also evaluated skin feeling, fragrance and overall satisfaction. The After Sun Face Serum rated highly in all categories and was praised particularly highly for its soothing effect on sun-stressed skin. 98% of the participants agreed to the statement that the face serum noticeably soothed their skin (source: gofeminin 06/ 2023). With this exclusive care product, Speick Naturkosmetik once again proofed that its expertise in Naturkosmetik extends far beyond the production of traditional soaps.

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