ÖKO-TEST rates Speick Original Liquid Soap as “very good”

For its January 2023 edition, the “ÖKO-TEST” consumer magazine looked at 48 liquid soaps from the natural and conventional cosmetics segment. The products were tested for problematic fragrances, controversial ingredients and harmful preservatives. Among the products tested was the Original Liquid Soap from Speick Naturkosmetik, which was one of three liquid soaps in the conventional cosmetics segment to receive the rating of “very good”.

Alongside the ingredients, the test also looked at the product packaging. The Original Liquid Soap did very well here as well. The body of the bottle is made of 100% recycled PET, the label and pump tube are made of PE and the pump head is made of PP.

Another update on one of the bestsellers from Speick Naturkosmetik: the liquid soap that received the top rating from “ÖKO-TEST” is now also available as a 600 ml refill bag. With the environmentally friendly refill bag, consumers can save 77% plastic compared to buying a new Speick Original soap dispenser. This makes it a must-have for everyone that loves liquid soap.

The Speick Original Liquid Soap gently cleanses the skin. It provides optimal protection and gentle care for tired hands thanks to its special oil-replenishing effect. The unique extract of the high alpine Speick plant from biologically regulated wild harvesting is obtained from the entire plant using a gentle extraction process. Today, it is almost exclusively found in the Nockberge Biosphere Park in Carinthia (Austria) and harvested manually for Speick Naturkosmetik.

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