ÖKO-TEST rates Speick Natural Aktiv Deo Roll-on as “very good”

For its June 2024 edition, the “ÖKO-TEST” consumer magazine looked at 39 roll-on deodorants without aluminium salts from the natural and conventional cosmetics segment. The products were tested for the presence of fragrances that are subject to declaration, harmful formaldehyde/formaldehyde separators and PEG/PEG derivatives, along with other substances. The Natural Aktiv Deodorant Roll-on without alcohol from Speick Naturkosmetik was among the products evaluated and received the test rating “very good” in the natural cosmetics category.

Deodorants that do not contain aluminium salts (ACH) work in a fundamentally different way to antiperspirants, which often contain aluminium salts (ACH). Antiperspirants reduce perspiration by constricting the sweat glands. Deodorants, on the other hand, do not prevent or reduce perspiration. They contain a combination of active ingredients that inhibit the enzymatic breakdown of sweat, thereby preventing it from forming odours.

The Speick Natural Aktiv Deo Roll-on, without alcohol, and without aluminium salts (ACH), provides reliable protection with effective, long-lasting results. Thanks to its natural active formula with deodorising organic sage extract, it controls perspiration while gently nourishing the skin. It contains the unique extract of the high alpine Speick plant from biologically regulated wild harvesting.

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