ÖKO-TEST rates Bionatur Soap Bar Vitality, Made by Speick as “very good”

ÖKO-TEST rates Bionatur Soap Bar Vitality as “very good”

The company history of Speick Naturkosmetik began over 90 years ago with a bar of soap. Even then, solid soap was one of the most traditional cleaning products. Today, the humble bar of soap is experiencing a comeback as it is extremely economical, good value and requires only little packaging. For its November 2021 edition, “ÖKO-TEST” consumer magazine tested 40 bars of soap from natural and conventional cosmetics for harmful and controversial ingredients. Bionatur Soap Bar Vitality, Made by Speick was included in this group and received a rating of “very good”.

Solid bars of soap primarily perform very well in terms of their environmental footprint

Alongside irritating preservatives, allergenic fragrances and controversial PEG compounds, ÖKO- TEST paid special attention to the ecological advantage of solid soaps over the liquid version. Both solid as well as liquid soaps ensure thorough and safe hand hygiene, however the solid soaps performed significantly better in terms of their yield. Indeed, washing your hands with liquid soap requires around seven times as much product as with a bar of soap. When it comes to the environment, solid soap also scores more points as it contains less water, which makes it more compact, meaning that a smaller volume of product needs to be packaged and transported. The ÖKO-TEST study found that the boxes used for solid soaps caused around 25 times less climate- relevant emissions than the pump dispensers used for liquid soaps, while the use of raw materials was actually 33 times lower.

Bionatur Soap Bar Vitality – clean and groomed hands

The Bionatur Soap Bar Vitality is crafted according to Speick Natural Cosmetics’ traditional soap recipe with high-quality coconut and olive oil as well as RSPO-certified palm oil from sustainable cultivation. Pure essential oils such as lemon and orange, as well as litsea cubeba oil from the fruit of the laurel tree pamper with an aromatic experience to energise and invigorate the senses. Furthermore, the soap features a rich, creamy foam which ensures extremely gentle cleansing and, thanks to its high percentage of plant-based emollients, already begins caring for skin as you wash your hands. The Bionatur Soap Bar Vitality is made exclusively with plant-based oils and is vegan.

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