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Strength of vision breeds greatness

In 2018, Speick Naturkosmetik celebrated its 90th anniversary – and we ourselves were amazed to see how our small family business has overcome such great challenges over the course of decades.
The founding of our company in 1928 coincided with the peak of the economic crisis. Even so, anthroposophist Walter Rau took the courageous step of founding the Feinseifenwerk WALTER RAU. As the offspring of the Stuttgart-based family business Vereinigte Seifenfabriken, Rau wanted to continue the soap-making tradition of his parents – but that alone wasn’t enough for him. He dreamed of manufacturing more than just the curd soap that was popular for washing clothes in those days. His idea was to produce a gentle, natural body soap. It became his vision to harness the benefits of this forgotten Speick plant, and to make them accessible to people again. You can find out more about this under “The revolutionary idea”.

Above and beyond natural products

But Walter Rau’s vision went well beyond the product alone. He shaped the entire company according to his own anthroposophical principles and perspective. This is all about a holistic understanding of humankind and nature – and at the same time about a special understanding of being human that ties in with the principle that we still use today: “Being human, always growing and developing.”
Wikhart and Valentin Teuffel, the grandson and great-grandson of founder Walter Rau, run the natural cosmetics company today, very much in the spirit of their (great-) grandfather.

An impressive vision

To mark our “90 years of Speick soap” anniversary in 2018, we sifted carefully through the company archives and dug up a few particular treasures. Click on the different time boxes and discover for yourself how lively our history is – a history spanning decades and overflowing with the success of the Speick soap and other innovations.

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