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“Very good” rating from ÖKO-TEST for Speick Men Shaving Foam

by I. Hiller

“Very good” rating from ÖKO-TEST for Speick Men Shaving Foam

For the 08/2020 edition, ÖKO-TEST tested shaving foams and shaving gels and awarded Speick Men Shaving Foam a “very good” rating. In total, only four shaving foams achieved the top rating “very good”.

Beard or clean shaven? In 2020, this isn't simply a matter of personal taste. The requirement to wear a face mask due to Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 also comes into play here, because, “Beards affect the way that face masks fit around your face.” According to hygiene regulations, clean-shaven skin allows the mask to fit more closely to your face, which improves the level of protection. An excellent choice for a clean shave is the rich shaving foam from Speick Men. The vegan formula contains natural ingredients and creamy waxes that gently care for men’s skin while shaving. Aloe vera gel from biologically regulated cultivation calms and moisturises the skin to prevent irritation and wheat proteins help to ensure smooth skin.

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